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hi guys, i just started my patreon and i just wanna share wtih you my works. samples are found below if you are underage i suggest you to leave pls :3 i will get it straight to the point. here are the reward tiers 1 = •4-8 HIGH QUALITY UNCENSORED.At 8/14/16 08:44 AM, TheRealMuerte wrote: What program are you using to develop the games? Game maker studio it got a bad rep for awhile till a couple of developers made ot big on steam I highly recommend it.New characters are decided by polls held on Patreon, so it’s the supporters that decide what will be the next character. As you can see from the latest post on this site, though, it was a male that won the latest poll ^_^Top Patreon Adult Games Ranked list of the most popular Patreon adult games including top earners. Updated daily. Check out more charts, like the Monthly Adult Games Ranking or All Adult Games Creatorsby bigdad. Harley Quinn. by bigdad. Commissar Sebastian Yarrick. by bigdad. Happy V-day Foxy. by bigdad. Dutchess Repugnia. by bigdad. Winter Gaz. by bigdad. Thunderat. by bigdad. The Parasite. by bigdad. The Dread Sentence of Death. by bigdad. Queen Gazof EVIL!! by bigdad. Light Bulb Bigdad hentai patreon. by bigdad. Demonic. by bigdad. House on the Borderland.Hi yallz. I call me self Bigdad (obviously). I'm an amateur artist/writer and graduated animator (2d or 3d take your pick ^ ^) and musician. As much as I like big boobs, the main focus of my work is rather dark and realistic (no mater how "out there" it seems to be).Guess who! :D The artist known as Aeolus06 here. New to Fur-Affinity, but not unknown to it. I'm not really a big anthro artist, but hopefully joining here will give me some ideas Bigdad hentai patreon.I do commissions, yes.+Gain exclusive, and ELUSIVE Patreon Wallpapers +Support the production of Xenosexual, a comic about misery and sex and aliens. +BIG DISCORD LADS, MUCH BANTER, MEMES, SADNESS +Support the Hentai industry, someone has to keep the dream alive - You might be short a dollar for that burger Bigdad hentai patreon.


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